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Dances & Other Activities

Numerous dances and other activities are scheduled throughout the year to provide students an opportunity to interact with new people and to have fun with their friends in a supervised social setting.

On most occasions, these events are held in the gyms or at the CERC. Admission will be closed 30 minutes following the start of the activity. All participants are to leave the premises immediately at the conclusion of the activity. Students are expected to remain at the activity until its conclusion unless parents or their adult designee come to the activity and sign the student out. Students who leave an activity early, without parent permission, will be placed under social probation and will not be allowed to attend any other school activity. Only currently enrolled Hastings Middle School students, St Rose 6th graders, and their registered guests are eligible to attend social activities. All students must have a valid Hastings Middle School I.D. card in their possession to be admitted.

All school policies and procedures will be enforced at school-sponsored social activities. Students who have received ISS or OSS, or who have been truant, since the last dance/activity may not attend the next dance/activity.